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Getting to Hill Country


1465 Old Oxford Rd, Waterford, Mississippi 38685

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Foxfire Ranch is located 40 miles south of Memphis International Airport. If you're flying in, you can get to our event one of three ways:


Rent a Car.

There are lots of major companies to choose from, just pick one. Getting back and forth to a rural area is much more convenient with your own wheels.


Rideshare Apps 

Rideshare Apps such as Uber are an option to get from the airport to Foxfire for around $60. However, once you are out in the country there are limited Uber drivers in the area to get you back and forth from the clinic each day (if you are staying offsite), so please plan accordingly. 

Hitch a Ride with Another Attendee. 

Should you decided to Uber oneway to Foxfire or your hotel, we encourage you to reach out to other attendees to hitch a ride. One way of finding somebody is by posting a thread on the Hill Country Harmonica Facebook group. Additionally, once you register we will track information on who is driving and is willing to give rides. As the event approaches we'll follow up via email to help assist with the pairing process. 

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