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If you would like to be a member of this forum, please register only once! Also, please drop Annette Hollowell an email at annette.hollowell@gmail.com and let her know that you've just submitted your application. She'll approve it within a day or two.


We're excited about Hill Country Harmonica 2019 and hope you are too.  Please register for the forum; it's free, quick, and easy.  Once you've done that, please contribute a word or two to the thread entitled "Where I'm coming from."  Tell folks a little about your harmonica playing, and tell us where you'll be traveling to Foxfire Ranch from.  Are you a beginner?  A pro?  A fan of traditional country blues?  An amp junkie?  An overblower?  Are you driving from Little Rock?  Flying over from Amsterdam?

This forum is for you.  It's a place in which you can begin to create the community that we hope will flower when we all get together in late May in a truly one-of-a-kind spot in rural Mississippi.  We will be posting announcements here from time to time and in the Facebook Group, and of course we'll be happy to answer your questions about the event.  

Thanks for joining us here!  We look forward to meeting you when you arrive at the crossroads.

--Annette Hollowell (nolanomad1982)

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