Although harmonica players and students will be journeying to Hill Country Harmonica from most of the 50 states and half a dozen foreign countries, our event also finds itself on the entertainment calendar in Lafayette, Marshall, and other north Mississppi counties and in the Memphis metro area.  In particular, our hosts at Foxfire Ranch, the Hollowells, have worked hard to create an audience for their regular Sunday evening blues party, and we'd like to serve them and that audience.

In an effort to provide our out-of-town registrants with a premium educational experience while making a space for local blues-folk, we have established an evening entertainment policy, as follows: 

Hill Country Harmonica will open its doors to the public on Saturday May 19th at 7:30 PM, and on Sunday May 20th at 5 PM.  The entry charge is $10 per person on Saturday and Sunday.  No one other than full-price registrants will be admitted before these hours.  Cash only, please.


Because seating will be at a premium, we strongly encourage you to bring your own collapsible camping chair, blankets, etc.