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Feb 23, 2012
3:13 PM
Hi Everyone,

I just found out about HCH through Adam's announcement on his YouTube channel (thanks Adam!). I have read through the site and the forums forward and backward. I am a newbie. How newbie you might ask? How about two months or so (pretty damn green). So here is my question - should I come to HCH this year, or should I work at this for a year and then come?

I know this is a little like asking the Fox if he should be in with the chickens, but what the heck. Frankly, I have dreamed of being able to play the harmonica well for many (many) years. I actually played every day for a while when I was in High School many (many) years ago. But here's the thing - until I ran across Adam's YouTube postings, I never had anyone show me how to play (you can only play 'Oh Suzanna' so many times, even if you are a teenager).

Now I am starting on the harmonica path, and I plan on them having to pry the thing from my cold hands (or maybe just leave it where it is) when they plant me in the ground. But coming to a huge gathering of experts really has me intimidated, if you want to know the God's honest truth.

So, what do you guys think? Is it a waste of time for someone like me to attend? Is there someone here who has attended as a newbie who can give me some perspective?

Thanks a lot!
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Feb 23, 2012
4:35 PM
Well Brad I'll be a newbie at HCH myself but I have been at it for awhile. Had the opportunity to attend SPAH thie past summer and met great folks, had a blast at the shows and jams, learned a lot in the sessions and I know HCH is gonna be WORLD CLASS blues harmonica extravaganza!!! I'd say get your ass on down!

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Feb 23, 2012
10:01 PM
Go for it. they have lessons for all levels of playing.
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Feb 24, 2012
7:20 AM
If you love the blues, the trip alone is worth it. If you want to be immersed in the harmonica-this is the place. If you wanted every question you ever needed answered about playing blues harp - this is the place. You will be able to turn to the guy next to you and feel right at home asking anything...

One thIng, as a newbie, you WILL want to record everything (particularly the lessons). The recordings will serve you well over the next year. You will NOT be able to get/ understand it all yet, but the recordings will hold it for when you do. A cheap digital recorder will serve you well here.

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Feb 24, 2012
2:32 AM

Thanks for your posts. @Kingbad, thanks for the suggestion. You must be a mind reader. I already have one on order from Amazon. I figured it would be good to record myself and listen. But it also occurred to me that, if I come to HCH, that I would want to record everything I hear.

Next step - work out the family logistics. Thanks guys!

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