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Dec 13, 2011
6:09 PM
OK, here's my Psycho (Francis) bit.

Monday morning, Monday Morning, MONDAY MORNING -

If you play your music full blast at 7am - I killa you.

If you play your loud music at 8 am - I killa you.

If you play your loud music at 9 am - I killa you.

If you play your loud music at 10 am - I still probably killa you.

If you play your loud damn music before 7 am, first I shoot you, then I stab you, then I poison you, then I killa you.

Corn liquor, 4-5 am bedtime and early morning loud music DO NOT MIX!!!

I'm not talking about music at the pavilion, I mean 6 feet from my aching, tired, alcohol-ridden head. I am not 20. I cannot recover that quickly. Please let me metabolize my poison quietly.

I don't care if you are Superman, you will be playing a Bb harmonica every time you break wind!

Some of us have long drives and don't care how much you love to pack up to music - headphones! headphones! headphones! I need my alcohol diffusing sleep!

There are voodoo shops in Memphis - don't make me do it... I'll make sure you have a headache that at least matches my drive home (9 hours) and possibly until HCH4.

For Heaven's sake be civil (and merciful)!

Thank you in advance for your considerate cooperation...

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Jan 05, 2012
6:08 PM
This may make me re-think my decision to camp instead of getting a cabin at Wall -Doxey.........
Kyzer Sosa
22 posts
Feb 06, 2012
10:09 PM
if youve never met the guy, trust me...not. one. to piss. off.
36 posts
Feb 07, 2012
12:57 PM
HA !!! We have met....I'm just in agreement LOL

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