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Aaaaaarrrrgggghhh. - still in mourning....
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55 posts
Jan 16, 2013
9:24 PM
Ok, so it is about this time of year that I would start making preparations for Mississippi.... Setting extra cash aside, checking on cheap camping equipment, setting up new harps... Figuring out what songs to learn before May...

I thought I was done with getting over this, but I've got the itch again...

Kyzer Sosa
26 posts
Jan 17, 2013
3:36 PM
Yeah, and just imagine if a few dollars was all that kept YOU from LAST YEARS EVENT Like it did ME!!
fuuuuu!@#$$%&!!!!! TWO YEARS I have to wait... m!@#*% f!@#$*(&@#$% s!@ b!@#(%$*% co!@#$%^* s@#!$)*(& shit!

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